We hope summer has blessed you with great summer memories since Vacation Bible School!

We will be having a Vacation Bible School reunion Mass at 11:00 am mass at Resurrection with an ice cream social immediately following on October 2nd.  Our hope is that this continues to fan the flame you felt during the week of VBS.  If you weren’t able to join us for VBS but still want to be part of a great children’s Mass, then please join us!!  All are welcome regardless of your involvement at vacation bible school and/or Resurrection Parish.  We would love to have readers, Gift bearers, ushers, musicians and singers from our band.  Please see the details below for all the great information regarding who, what, where and when!

Who: all students and families who attended/volunteered at VBS, including anyone else you may want to invite!

What: Vacation Bible School Reunion Mass

Where: Resurrection Parish

When: October 2, 2016. At 11:00am Mass.

Who we need to volunteer!  (Number of kids needed)

Readers -  (6) any age students (elementary, middle or high school) readings will be given ahead of time to practice

Offertory – (6) elementary age that is mature enough to bring up gifts

Musicians/band members – anyone who performed in our VBS band onstage 

Usher - junior high or older


If your child would like to participate in the mass in any of these ways please email the following information:

  • Parent and Child’s name who is volunteering
  • Position volunteering for
  • Email address and a good contact phone number

Email this information by September 23, 2016 to

Pamela Martin (

Being at mass is also a great way to participate as we would love to have all students and volunteers that joined us for the week, to wear their color t-shirts!  What a beautiful rainbow of colors we will make, reminding us of the meaning of the rainbow, a symbol of God’s union and pardon after the floods in this year of Mercy!

We hope to see you soon!  Your VBS Leadership Team!


The Empowerment Plan was overwhelmed by the generosity of our families this year!  With your amazing support we were able to raise a total of $9300.00 to donate to this amazing local mission.  Thanks for opening your hearts.

"Amazing work John and the whole VBS team!!! We are all so thankful that you chose us out of every other organization in the area."
Veronica Scott
Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan